Coaching institutes

Teacher taking attendance of a class

Why DutyPar ?

DutyPar is a facial recognition & location matching attendance app for students & teachers attendance

Students attendance can be marked in two ways

Students can mark attendance through their mobile phone

Student selfie attendance

Teachers can take attendance of a class

Teacher taking attendance of a class

How does it work?

Student will come to class
Teacher will select the class from his/her phone and capture image from back camera or students can use their phones to mark attendance
Attendance will be marked with liveliness and location
Notification will be sent to parent after marking attendance with time and location details
Feedback will be collected after every class

One app, many features
Individual attendance from mobile phone
Students group attendance from teacher’s phone
Teacher’s attendance

Engage your users


Class feedback

Get teacher and curriculum  feedback after every class.  

Students will get a notification at the end of each class to rate it on various parameters. 

They can provide anonymous feedback as well.


Schedule quizzes to all or select users in your organisation. 

Choose from more than 100,000 questions from variety of topics in DutyPar Quiz bank, or write questions of your choice.


Announcement on DutyPar

Instant notification to all or select employees Kind of Digital noticeboard for admins. 

Send notifications to users as per their roles, departments or location 

Send images, videos and pdf with announcement.